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About me

Student, Game Dev, Designer

Atahan Ozturk

I’m currently a university student studying computer science at Minerva Schools at KGI. As part of my studies, I’m traveling to 7 cities around the world, and as of January 2021 I’m in Seoul, South Korea.

In my free time I like watching anime (with over 100 series under my belt), making origami, botching DIY projects, hacking my productivity, and try to live my best life.

Made in Mars

My current big scale project is Made in Mars, a factory building story based game where you are trying to steer the future of a fully automated Mars colony. I’ve been working on it since January 2020, and currently trying to raise a team for it.

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Blog Posts

In this website I’ve been writing about my game progress for a while now. Soon there will be more posts, about pretty much anything I want to put here. Stay tuned!

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I try to post daily on Twitter to share my progress on whatever I’m working on. Follow me to get updates!

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