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Atahan’s Place

I am a college student currently studying Computer Science at Minerva, and an aspiring Game Developer.

Blog Posts

I usually post about my game progress, the challenges I faced, and how I overcome them. Currently they are mostly about my latest game, so if you are interested then take a look!

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To get an idea about my work, see my portfolio! I’m currently looking for summer internships at anything software related, with a preference to game dev positions.

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About me

Check this place out if you want to learn a bit more about my background. I actually started my game development during high school with my game dev club: Nova


My Recent Games

VR – Quest & PCVR
jun 2021 – present

Utterance of the Mage

Imagine a VR game where you can cast spells just by shouting “Fireball!”. In this game you can! Upgrade your skills, and release your inner wizard in this VR game.

PC – Tower Defense
aug 2021 – present

Cargo: TD on Rails

Defend your train from raiders and deliver cargo from the highest bidder. Be careful, the cargo you might carry can be dangerous and explosive.

VR – Steamvr
jan 2021 – jul 2021

VR Walking Simulator

It is a VR Walking Simulator. Nothing more, nothing less. Explore beautiful scenes optimized for VR viewing, take pictures of the scenery, make a collage, and relax.

Mobile – Android
jan 2020 – sep 2021

Made in Mars

Build factories, colonize Mars.

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