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Life Updates

8 – Made in Mars

New Graphics, New Backend, Open Source, and More! How the time flies! It’s been already 8 months since my last blogpost, but actually not *that* much new happened with the game, because I was a… Read More »8 – Made in Mars

6 – Made in Mars

Hello again. It’s the start of a new school semester, and there is a lot to do (like taking CS111A, NS110U, SS110, etc.), but before that here is a new update. Here are some gifs… Read More »6 – Made in Mars

5 – Dactorio

Welcome back! A lot has happened since the last update, and because I decided to post every time I reach a milestone instead of posting weekly/monthly, I’m posting this almost 2 months after the last… Read More »5 – Dactorio

4- Dactorio

So hello! Its been a while since my last post due to some small problems like schoolwork, final projects, and oh, the coronavirus. But finally I’m one with all that so here is an update! During this time… Read More »4- Dactorio

3 – Dactorio

These few weeks were pretty harsh, other stuff taking priority over this project sadly. However, after spending some time getting back to speed after a long break, there is progress again! I toiled a bit… Read More »3 – Dactorio

2 – Dactorio

So these two weeks (plus one extra week where I couldn’t do anything, not even write this post) I’ve been trying to make the belts as optimized as possible. I knew that my system would… Read More »2 – Dactorio