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4- Dactorio

So hello! Its been a while since my last post due to some small problems like schoolwork, final projects, and oh, the coronavirus. But finally I’m one with all that so here is an update! During this time… Read More »4- Dactorio

3 – Dactorio

These few weeks were pretty harsh, other stuff taking priority over this project sadly. However, after spending some time getting back to speed after a long break, there is progress again! I toiled a bit… Read More »3 – Dactorio

2 – Dactorio

So these two weeks (plus one extra week where I couldn’t do anything, not even write this post) I’ve been trying to make the belts as optimized as possible. I knew that my system would… Read More »2 – Dactorio

1 – Dactorio

Okay, so at some point I had to create a first post. And I know that this post will be of terrible quality, but bear with me here. In this post I will talk about… Read More »1 – Dactorio