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1 – Dactorio

1 – Dactorio: First Actual Post – WIP Factorio + Factory Idle like mobile game

Okay, so at some point I had to create a first post. And I know that this post will be of terrible quality, but bear with me here.

In this post I will talk about how I sort of started working on another project, codenamed Dactorio, that I am seriously thinking of releasing (this is the second one, still haven’t released anything for real as of writing this though).

My thinking for making this game was pretty much wanting to play Factorio on my phone, but there are no available options for that. There are some nice contenders like MindustryAchikaps, and Bleentoro. But none of them really catch the magic of Factorio or the sleek ease of Factory Idle.

Other than the latter two being outright puzzle games, none of them captures the “keep scaling up, there is always a bottleneck to the supply lines!” aspect of Factorio. Also although Mindustry was a nice game, it was too clunky in my opinion, subtracting from the experience.

So with my project, I will attempt to create a mobile game trying to capture the energy of Factorio, while being easy to play on a mobile device by employing Factory Idle like building.

Also if not out of the box, I will attempt to make the game moddable, to increase its longevity and to foster a community. Sadly making a game moddable is pretty hard, and will provide lots of challenges. So I decided to move fast and create the first playable version of the game, while keeping mod support possible but not implemented.

Currently the game features some barebones stuff leftover from about a year ago:

Items go weeeee!

On top of that before writing this article I’ve coded a new conveyor belt system that will hopefully enable better gameplay interactions and is using Unity’s new ECS system to achieve great performance.

Fancy belts with programmer graphics.

The general idea I will go with the game will be doing lots of production like Factorio, but also having a ‘free market’ concept and selling/buying the items to make profits. The game will also be idle-able, so I will find a way to simulate the factory over a long period of time really fast.
I have ideas about how to achieve most of these, but I am just a student going to uni working on this whenever I have free time. I will try to upload something every two weeks, to keep myself accountable. 

How much progress will I make each week? Will I post about anything else? How popular can these even get? Will I actually finish this game and/or continue posting?

Keep in touch for answers my (currently imaginary) readers!