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Games I played this week #5

January 16th 2023

The school has begun and it is as annoying as ever because I don’t like my classes in this semester as much (well you can’t beat a game development class like my last semester!). I’m also trying to get used to the Taiwan cuisine, and my picky eating isn’t helping.

But without further ado, here’s the Games I’ve Played This Week:

  • Call of the Sea: Another one of those games I’m only playing because of the Steam Deck. This is a puzzle exploration game where you have a disease and you come to this island to figure out if you husband who came here before found a cure or not. You go around collecting clues then solving various puzzles. It has a bit too much filler walking (the island is somewhat big) for my taste while playing on a PC but it is pretty good for just lying down in bed with the Steam Deck and chilling, enjoying the vistas.
  • Zompiercer: It’s the apocalypse and you are on a train visiting places to collect loot and find where your friends went. You can build things on your train and the funny looking zombies aren’t too bad to shoot at. A surprisingly nicely executed indie game. In it’s current state there are plenty of rough edges (like how my train ran out of fuel a couple of meters from the refueling spot and I couldn’t find a way to reach there) but I think it has good potential. All the levels are handcrafted and currently in the early access there are only 4 but 13 is planned. I will definitely be playing this again after it is complete.

And that’s all! As there is school now I’m spending more time making games and doing my classes than playing games 🙁 There is also city exploration, because unlike Argentina I actually like it here! So much nature and everything is just… nice. See you next week!