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Games I played this week #4

January 7th 2023

First post of the new year! I did skip a bit because I needed to travel for 3 straight days from Argentina to Taipei between my long flights and layovers, but I’m here again. My school will start next week, so I probably won’t be able to play as much anymore. Or maybe I will play more as I will feel less guilty playing after finishing my work. We will see!

Soooo the Games I’ve Played This Week:

  • Brotato: I played this mainly on the Steam Deck and it works pretty well. In this Vampire Survivors like you play as a potato that can wield 6 guns and you fight enemies in a wave based fashion. I think this was fine, especially with the different starting potatoes lending themselves to different playstyles. However it is lacking in content a bit, especially as each different potato really lets you play in one way and trying to play differently just puts you at a disadvantage. Still some good simple dopamine heavy fun.
  • Factorio (marathon mode): I played Factorio many times before and this time I’m playing in marathon mode where everything is significantly more expensive to make, forcing you to make much bigger factories. I haven’t gone too far yet but it is pretty interesting so far. Increasing the scale really forces you to think about many problems differently, as in normal Factorio you don’t really need to think about scale too much or can just add some more belts easily. But in marathon scale is everything and you need to build so much more. I will write about this more after I’m done with the playthrough.
  • Unpacking: A nice and calm game about unpacking your things and placing them. I don’t particularly like unpacking in real life so I didn’t like this game too much either. Still it is one of those calming games I will be playing every now and then to relax.
  • Everhood: An innovative rhythm game that feels a lot like Undertale to play. It is self aware in a lot of places and I loved it’s weird humor. It’s rhythm gameplay is also really interesting in the fact that you are dodging attacks that are based on the music and it gives you multiple ways to play each song. Regular rhythm games often only allow one real way to play so it was interesting to have choice in this game. Well to be fair this aspect makes it not entirely a rhythm game, almost a bullet hell game. I liked it a lot nevertheless. I haven’t finished it yet though so I will be seeing this one through.

That’s all! I did buy a whole bunch of games from the steam winter sale so I will hopefully play those sometime soon. But I always have too many games to play and not enough mental capacity and time to play all those. See you next week.