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Games I played this week #2

December 13th 2022

Another week another set of games. I wonder how consistent I’m going to be with these but so far it is 2/2 weeks.

Anyways here the Games I’ve Played This Week:

  • Ixion: Frostpunk in space. This game is about humanity making an arc to take us to the stars, then that arc accidentally destroying earth, so now it is humanity’s last hope-ish. You go from star to star and deal with highly scripted events like finding out some other humans also survived but now they want you dead for causing the apocalypse. You deal with usual morality stuff like do you let your colonists die because their planet isn’t sustainable but bringing them back would mean they will keep eating food. Playing this is also super hard as it plays like the hard settings in Frostpunk, which I found very entertaining (eg figuring out the best techs, the best order to build at the beginning, etc). But it definitely is punishing for no good reason at times.
  • Portal with RTX: More like I tried to play it, but my RTX2070 wasn’t really good enough to get a crisp experience and I didn’t feel too much like playing portal all over again.
  • Divine Knockout: Smash Bros but 3d. Pretty fun! I never got to play Smash Bros because I never owned anything Nintendo so it was nice to experience it finally. Being an online party game though there is not much to do without friends.

And that is all! This week didn’t have that much owing to the fact that it is my finals and I spent a whole 20 hours playing just Ixion, leaving no time for other games.