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Games I played this week #1

December 6th 2022

This summer I was doing an internship and we had a “#fun” slack channel. I saw other people sharing stuff they did over the weekend every monday so I starter writing about the games I played that week. Many people loved it! I liked doing it as well, and it was nice to look back on the games I played. It would also serve as a sort of journal so now I’m bringing that to my blog. I never post here anymore anyways so might as well put something in…

Without further ado, the Games I’ve Played This Week:

  • Nova Drift: A very tight shot-em-up roguelike. You get a ship that you need to control and you get upgrades every other minute. Lots of enemies to shot, and a high skill ceiling. I really liked how all the upgrades interact in different ways. I did often end up losing a run because of unexpected interactions instantly killing me though. Like an upgrade making you shoot faster but slowly drain your health draining a lot more of my health than adding to my firepower. Or a charge up shot taking too much of my focus to line up so that I forgot to dodge bullets. Pretty fun either way!
  • Alina of the Arena: This one has a pretty funny name. It’s also a roguelike and you get a deck of moves you can make and have to kill the enemies you face in an arena. I love seeing how many different ways “you have a deck of cards that you build” can be made into a game! Similar to Slay the Spire and the like you can get pretty op decks, but the best part of this game is the arena itself. Whenever you do a sick combo the crowd you see at the edge of your screen cheers up and throws you money or combat gear. The crowd also gets angry at you if you start cheesing the enemy and don’t attack for a while, effectively fixing the boring segment you might get in similar games where you are waiting for a particular card combo and just turtling up.
  • My Child Lebensborn: A game that deals with topics like social ostracism and single parenting. In post Nazi Norway you adopt a war child that the parents don’t want due to the citizens seeing people who make kids with the German soldiers as traitors. It’s very thoughtful in the way how you learn about what is happening to your child through when the child talks about their day at school and all the bullying they are getting. You are also very poor, so sometimes you have to decide whether you will buy a toy or healthy food. This goes right in with This War of Mine and other games with social commentary. This earned it’s spot on my Favorite Games List!
  • Minecraft mod – Create Above and Beyond: I’ve playing a whole bunch of Minecraft mods in this past month like SkyFactory 4 and Sevtech: Ages of the Sky. But Create is a totally different beast that rises above. It’s all about automation and making factories with conveyors and gears and it meshes so well with blockiness of Minecraft. They also add very-Minecraft segments into crafting like parts where you need to grow trees or make an infinite waterfall, or have to blast your ingredients with TNT. I’m still playing this and so far enjoying it a lot more than Satisfactory because it gives you a lot more creativity on how to do things and you can create a lot more 3D factories. Some parts also force you to use redstone and feels like a real factory with sensors and limiters. Watch the awesome trailer in the mod page, it’s crazy! This one also made it to my Favorite Games List.

That is all for the new games I’ve played this past week (well more like 3 weeks). I’ve also been playing Northgard during my classes and Stellaris to relax.